Delta Force Selby Paintball

Delta Force Selby Paintball

Play Paintball like the US Delta Force Special Forces in Selby

Play like the United States Special Delta Force Selby Paintball

Delta Force Selby Paintball – As kids we all picked up a stick and played army. We have all seen the TV programs and films where the highly trained special forces teams storm a building and rescue hostages. They always then sneek off into the night. But when you are an adult, picking up a stick and going into the woods may raise a few eyebrows. So how can you take yourself back to your childhood, play some fun games and without some killjoy phoning the police. The answer is simple, spend a day with a semi auto paintball gun or a fully auto airsoft gun, just outside Selby at our purpose built venue.

We don’t need to train for months in the army, just to join the difficult selection procedure to then have a chance to join these elite forces. We can get out of bed at around 9am, get into the car, pass through McDonalds drive through for a bacon and egg McMuffin before we don our camo coveralls and spend a day storming buildings and rescuing hostages, before popping home for tea and crumpets and a nice warm bath.

Delta Force Selby Paintball is an award winning, porpose build paintball and airsoft venue. We cater for players from 8 years to 88 years, as long as you have a sense of adventure and are fairly level headed, then you are the perfect candidate for the paintball special forces. Paintball and Airsoft are the perfect birthday or stag do event. Or just a day out with your mates for no other reason other than you want to get together and have a laugh.

If you would like to book a day either paintballing or airsofting, then please get in touch at the above number. Our staff will be only too pleased to help you out in any way they can.

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